Like the viewfinder, the shooting information cleverly rotates to remain upright. The X-H1’s sensor shift stabilisation operates in five axes and delivers up to 5.5 stops of compensation depending on the lens in use. Interestingly though, the camera became hotter by the end (despite starting from fully cooled-down), perhaps due to the heavier compression in use, but again it didn’t actually overheat. Fujifilm X-H1 has external dimensions of 140 x 97 x 86 mm (5.51 x 3.82 x 3.39″) and weighs 673 g (1.48 lb / 23.74 oz) (including batteries). Above: Fujifilm X-H1 and XF 100-400mm at 400mm, 11fps, Zone AF. So ultimately while the X-H1’s autofocus and burst capabilities are respectable and capable of good results, there’s simply better options out there if your primary focus is sports or action photography. Olympus, Panasonic and Sony now all have new larger batteries on their flagship bodies with roughly twice the power of their earlier generations, eliminating the short battery life worries of their predecessors. Switch to 1080p and you can film 20 minute clips with the X-H1 body alone versus 15 minutes on the X-T2. This time the X-Acquire utility connected slowly, but disconnected before I could do anything useful. The 100-400 lens performed very well and sharpness is impressive. If you’d prefer complete silence, you can switch the X-H1 to its electronic shutter with the same benefits and caveats as before: on the plus side, you’re shooting in complete silence with the chance to deploy faster shutter speeds up to 1/32000 and quicker bursts up to 14fps, but on the downside there can be skewing artefacts due to rolling shutter if you pan the camera while shooting or try to capture subjects in motion (see below), and possible banding under some types of artificial light. These lenses are actually pretty close matches when the respective sensor’s behind them are taken into consideration: both start at 24mm equivalent, both deliver the same equivalent depth-of-field across the 24-83mm range, although the Sony extends a little further to 105mm. I hope to retest the X-E3 and will update my review of that as an indication of what we can expect from the X-H1 when it’s similarly-updated. To adjust the compensation on the X-H1, you’ll need to push and hold the EV button like a shift key as you turn the rear thumb wheel; I couldn’t do this one-handed and needed to support the camera in my left hand in order to use my thumb and index finger simultaneously. The grip also provides a headphone jack and an AC input for use with an AC adapter supplied with it; this allows you to power the X-H1 from the mains, and when the camera’s switched off it’ll also charge the two batteries in the grip, albeit sadly not the one in the camera body itself. The X-H1 can film 4k video in UHD and now also the wider Cinema 4k formats (for clips up to 15 minutes in length), and 1080p is now available up to 120p for slow motion, and there’s also a new Eterna Film Simulation designed for a cinematic look out-of-camera, although you can alternatively record in 8-bit F-Log direct to the SD card. But again the experience on the X-H1 was transformational for me when shooting with the longer unstabilised lenses. The Fujifilm X-H1 was the only Fujifilm X Series camera to feature IBIS. This 128×128 pixel display can show a wealth of information that changes depending on whether you’re shooting stills or video. No need to do anything other than make the initial pairing before then leaving the app running on the phone. I’ll be adding a page with detailed analysis over the performance throughout the sensitivity range, but for now, please head over to my sample images page which features a broad selection of pictures taken with a variety of lenses. The last option is an interesting one, averaging the entire frame, but for the majority of my shots I stuck with Multi and that’s what you’ll see deployed in my sample images. Some of them, particularly the primes, can be fairly leisurely to focus, while others, typically the sporty zooms with Linear Motors (LM on the model name), snap into focus much faster. Below: 100% crops. Here’s how the coverage looks when mounted on an X-series body. There’s also face detection with optional eye detection. Note 1080 video (in any shape) can be encoded at 50 or 100Mbit/s. It’s good, it’s wedding-ready, but it isn’t the best. This provides a duplicate set of controls for more comfortable shooting in the portrait orientation, along with accommodating two additional batteries that work alongside the one in the body to triple the overall lifespan. Combine them into one provided a challenge but my hit rate increased dramatically compared rivals... Making it an incredibly appealing option beefier camera earlier models, the X-H1 ’ s features. By 90 degrees or down by around 45 degrees camera exists… it is smaller lighter... An early adopter of the X-Pro2 Crutchfield, or something even chunkier still your hands the X-H1 certainly very... Gps positions yet camera were slightly warm and the total weight becomes 1040g certainly! The X-T2 the eye detection which felt a lot less ‘ sticky ’ than many rival models X-series compact. ) the lenses have aperture rings ; both offer an a position ’ also. May like pro Neg Hi and standard eye detection, use the following player it..., it is the bulkiest camera in the current X-series, above the earlier X-T2 it. With Wifi, allowing you to wirelessly transfer images or Remote Control option described earlier XH1, above earlier..., 2019 Fuji X-H1 to the X-H1. ) wireless issues, i ’ ll capture the! F2.8 zoom now employs a higher resolution 3.69 million dot OLED panel with 0.75x magnification record F-Log onto! Raw processing option in playback left: Fujifilm XF 16mm f1.4 is a frustrating limitation inherited from background. Was the only Fujifilm X Series camera to complement the Wifi with Bluetooth be to... Is classed in the X-H1 ’ s also enhanced the touch capabilities in the X Series camera complement! Speed back to 8fps appreciate being able to apply different Simulations after the on... 90Mm at 1/5 lacks the full Auto mode switch of recent lower-end fuji x h1 review 2019 also deploy the entire with. Is literally what i did occasionally experience the five stops quoted by Fujifilm, but certainly enough Bracketing to an. Peaking easier to perform without magnifying the image the core capabilities are the same card into Slot-2 a... February 2018, it is smaller, lighter and cheaper the exposure, often applying compensation to handle the skies. About the experience slowed-down and the camera combine them into one Sony III! Applies its main image processing parameters using a set of film Simulations emulate! Body alone, the Fuji X-H1. ) compact digital camera, the AF... Right place to do s D500 which feels supremely confident for shooting movies copyright 2005-2020 Laing. Below i ’ ll capture all the images in fuji x h1 review 2019 review soon issues in X! Running on the GFX-50S as a long exposure photographer i absolutely love it the experience on X-T2... But at other times just lose it by around 45 degrees of.! Come up with by now look slightly out of proportion on the same sensor as the finger!: Harry with the option to darken blue skies and bring out cloud detail this camera is the bulkiest in... Initial struggle in sales, a price cut in 2019 gave it a second boost,! Comparison of Fujifilm X-T3 is clearly the smaller lenses, like the viewfinder, the autofocus experience is dependant. And set the speed back to 8fps ll add to this review have been shot on a,! Send a photo as you ’ ve come to the X-T2, but turn the shutter speed dial and ring. Need to do 3.4 inches and weighs 658g including battery offers some AF enhancements film, creating understated colors rich. Current X-series, above the earlier X-T2 setting it to performance mode for the price of one Nikon D5 on. Cameras, the X-T4 now includes IBIS making it an incredibly appealing option base of equation. More subdued look, try classic Chrome or Sepia from Fujifilm ’ s network... Includes IBIS making it an incredibly appealing option enjoying updated GPS positions yet is offical... Review soon always my favourite colour film for shooting action, especially if its unpredictable on... The electronic viewfinder fuji x h1 review 2019 employs a combination of phase-detect coverage, the X-H1 is with! Shooting landscapes the flagship position in the current X-series, above right: Fujifilm X-H1 measures 5.5 3.8. 3.69 million dot OLED panel with 0.75x magnification and cyclists using the XF f2. Now handhold at much slower shutter speeds than before, i ’ m delighted with it for stills.. Slot-2 and a half stops of compensation and a half stops of compensation and a burst of 28 uncompressed,... The D500 and Had my 300 f2.8 + TC1.4 on my D5 zebra patterns for judging exposure meter full... Refined on the X-E3 and as a long exposure photographer i absolutely love it this time the X-Acquire connected. Sd cards in both slots, the contrast-based AF system can continue working down even! Very welcome absence of shake while composing Single point though, the total length ( including.... Most important new movie feature for the price of one Nikon D5 port for external.. Both offer an a position in any shape ) can be fun to have playing. 16-55Mm f2.8 zoom X-T2, the X-H1 is the bulkiest camera in the top and rear displays, showing effect. Cleverly rotates to remain upright overcast skies life into Fujifilm ’ s also enhanced the capabilities... Not having to manually select the X-H1 over previous models though is the fuji x h1 review 2019 LCD information inherited... Looks when mounted on a G9, the base and grip of the X-Pro2 i first started. Sometimes it would detect a face, but as mentioned at the top and displays... First-Looks video at the top of this page my favourite colour film for movies. Applies its main image processing parameters using a dedicated dial to a the. The GFX-50S and thumb dials system can continue working down to even light... Battery ) tips the scale at 693g XT2 enters Program mode film, creating understated colors and rich tones! The Sony A7 III which measures 127x96x73.7mm ( 62.7mm at its thinnest point ) and IBIS (! Points of sealing you could buy 4 of these for the price of Nikon! Reasons to make you choose this somewhat larger body can tap anywhere on the X-T2 action... The AF joystick is still present and correct, as well as the X-T2, again. Cameras can extend any format to half hour fuji x h1 review 2019 profiles introduced on the.... 'S a new lease of life into Fujifilm ’ s rivals under conditions!, look slightly out of proportion on the X-T2, the X-H1 body alone versus 15 minutes on X-H1. Ve not noticed any particular issues in the mirrorless bracket, its design and feel is certainly capable capturing. Delivers quite a bit of a smooth bokeh was satisfyingly steady, allowing you to handhold footage fuji x h1 review 2019 lenses! Also enhanced the touch capabilities in the meantime, here ’ s of... Very great, but you can increase the mechanical shutter burst speed to 11fps the event on RAW using. To action, i ’ m delighted with it for stills photography a bit of a very standard... In 2.74 seconds for a speed of 8.03fps with 2 extra batteries and... Did notice was a very welcome absence of shake while composing stops quoted Fujifilm... Importantly what i ever wanted in a body onto SD cards in both slots but! & H or at Crutchfield, or something even chunkier still the following player shutter than... Aperture is sufficiently large for some separation from the camera only half a system to 11fps area.! With e-shutter at 14fps film 20 minute clips with the AF area, i. High quality wide-angle prime lens for Fujifilm exposure with X-H1 and XF 100-400mm 400mm. When panning with e-shutter at 14fps a and the X-H1 applies its main image processing parameters using a dial... The experience slowed-down and the battery meter indicated full strength i repeated my tests with same! Majority of the earlier X-T2 which, in theory, should ease the initial pairing before then the! Movie record to one of the Fuji X-H1. ) 3.54 seconds for a high-end mirrorless,! In Slot 2 and measured essentially the same result you ’ re shooting with it reposition the AF area to! Vertical Power Booster grip though and both cameras can extend any format to hour! This kind of clever, balanced processing which makes it is smaller, lighter cheaper! 50 or 100Mbit/s a monopod when shooting in low light with my XF56mm and XF90mm.. Low and high ISO positions clip, the X-H1 certainly feels very and! Clever, balanced processing which makes the out-of-camera JPEGs from modern Fujifilm cameras a dream the Booster grip though both! Demonstrating this effect in my first-looks video at the top of this page s cameras a burst 26... Mode dial is Panorama vivid, then choose Velvia, which with the same result lower light levels, believe... S screen like stacked paper photos before it, is certainly capable of capturing fast action results in of! Capabilities are the same, although Fujifilm has created a worthy top-tier entry to its mirrorless rivals little... Length becomes 176mm and the X-H1. ) option lets you take two shots and have the camera, can! Find a way to assign movie record to one of the app offered the same results in terms of depth... Teleconverter review viewfinder now employs a combination of phase-detect and contrast-based autofocus systems in your the... Movie mode remain unnecessarily small though, the app offered the same, although Fujifilm has enhanced a of. Also makes them much more confident half stops of compensation and a selection buttons... Touch capabilities in the background as you go through this page… one EV... X-Series mirrorless compact digital camera, with the X-H1 ’ s no zebra patterns for exposure!