It is little bit soapy or detergent like. For some reason, I wasn’t buying into it’s positive reputation. I would say Icon is signature scent worthy. In this coding system, the first three numbers often denote the day of the year (so 005 is … to me personally it smells cheap.. something an old man would wear.. but everyone seems to love it but again not for me. I was not in the mood for this kind of fragrances when my fragrances arrived, but man did this thing blow my mind! Lovely scent, good performance & sillage. net user. Maison Margiela Batch / Date Codes. Free shipping. Smells refreshing in the opening and the smooth neroli is contrasted with the sharp pepper accord, which makes it interesting and makes anyone give it a second smell. It would have been more wearable and much better scent if the pepper would have been a little bit less, it is so prominent that anybody can feel its pepperiness. Wow, glad to hear that you’ve taken such a shine to Icon. However, the wide palate of diverse notes ensure that the fragrance follows a constant theme. Love this! I recently found this new site to check my perfumes and it lists a lot of fragrances not listed on other batch code checkers that I've been using. The fragrance is amazing. I give this one a 10 / 10! ICON’s base is what ties it most to its seasonality. However, the high price tag is compensated by a glorious machine turned metal case, around a substantial glass bottle. Classy Office Fragrance, none can match it, full stop. Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. A great morning scent for me, I usually throw it on to begin my day. Would not recommend without first testing. Watch. Paul Anthony is the founder and creative director at Bespoke Unit. For me it's a dirty vetiver (but not that dirty) with florals that gives it some sort of uniqueness. This scent is a mind blower from the presentation, to the sprayer to the scent. The atomizer also performs very nicely giving an effective spray with a balanced cloud dispersal. It does indeed look like, compared with your other fragrances, the 45 euro for 100ml is a great value. I happened to have Dior Homme on the other hand. its not linear and it develop on you from start to finsih,,,very invigorating and it literally puts me in a good mood....its original in that other colognes do not really smell like this....again for 100ml at 55 bux the most I almsot giggle at pple buying 100 bux plus fresh scents etc....get your nose on it will be surprised...if u love Terres De Hermes and those types of citrus fresh smells etc then this is wayyyyy better imo since it is a tad darker if you will.....not a kiddie scent nor a clubbing type....more daytime office hanging around to do errands informal ie jeans sweat pants etc or formal ie suit etc...not a sexy scent per say but of course thats relative....I snagged 4 bottles at 100ml for 55 each....but the kicker is the batch code of 5049 on all of them....made in Feb 2015,,,,cuz of reformulation as being a given these days,,,therefore I refuse to get caught with my pants down again! The only thing I would say is this totally worth any single dollar that you pay for. We did actually compare the 2015 and 2017 batches in this review and noted some minor differences. I believe there are only 4 "Masterpiece" Designer fragrances, here they are: Light airy pleasant neroli smell. It’s a great designer scent that holds my interest from top to drydown. Such a waste for a beautiful scent. DUNHILL ICON ELITE EDP Yet I will often wear this when going out on evening dates with my girlfriend. You may check the batch code and expiration date on the following page This is spicy gentleman fragrance and I think it is perfect for office settings. Projection is great, longevity is mediocre on me, sillage is good. Wow, so different & addictive. Granted, Canadian weather hasn't been too kind lately, but I will try this out in warmer weather soon. So I was excited to learn of the latest release from Dunhill, called ICON. I bought a gift set with the Eau de Parfum 100ml, shower gel and balsam after rasage. The issue is that the budget appears limited. Luckily one local retail store had it so I was able to try it on skin: wow, a blast of orange blossom, didn't expect that. Agree with other reviewers.. I compared it to an actual neroli flower and they smell almost, if not completely, identical - in the opening, at least. Very much appreciated! The for loop variables need %% instead of % when run in a batch file. Beautiful combination of sweet citrus and spices to give a very fresh feeling from first spray. Let’s hope the trend does not continue, as it’s one of my all time favorites…. I like the smell and quite enjoy the way it evolves as it dries down but the performance is horrible on me. Masculine and classy. Overall a very pleasant fragrance, but unfortunately lacking in longevity. This is so great on me and I wear it despite of all other people's opinions. Skin tested this recently and found it to be a disappointing and rather bland department store fragrance - completely at odds with the frankly excessive bottle design and burgeoning hype in the community. Dunhill Fragrance Reviews, After a citrus burst and aromatic head, Dunhill ICON mellows into one of the most enticing bases I've ever experienced. The bottle is by far one of the best I've encountered though so props to that. I recently got one from a dear friend as a gift. Lavender? Batch code 5049 is unreal....2015 circa....older formulas have a yellowish ones clear etc...big diff btw the two....plse state your bottles for of the best everyday scent. I do get grape soda vibes but its not sweet like you would picture. Very British. Just waiting for girls feedback but I even don't care of them. Icon by Alfred Dunhill is a Woody Aromatic fragrance for men. tdh is better, no questions about it but the difference between the two is not so big considering the price tag(tdh is far more expensive than icon). I agree, It's a classy gentleman's cologne. The icons are updated if I just hit the "change icon" button for … It's elegant enough to dress up but works for casual as well. very unique scent. This one is good, but not great, in my opinion. Follow us on twitter @fragrantica and Facebook fan page. Great website, by the way. The opening doesn't last very long though and then what I'm left with is pretty similar to Terre D'Hermes sans the orange note. I would consider buying it if only it has more longevity. It’s bizarre to read all this reviews, some compare icon to terre Hermes. I dont get why 100ml for 45 euro is expensive?? The flask is simply fantastic...heavy and beatiful! I'm close to having over 100 bottles of fragrances that I own, but for whatever reason Dunhill Icon is my favorite designer fragrance. Bitter neroli clean and lasts a long time. This deserves all the praise. Top Rated Plus. When I first smelled this fragrance, I didn't like it, I gave it a secound try and now I love it, it's my signature scent, smells fantastic. Am a newbie to the perfume world but have smelled A lot of perfumes, very rarely i get wowed by a perfume. It might be the reason why I smell grape, as it tends to have this effect in some instances. Green deep soapy scent. If you like TdH, feel free to buy this one blindly. Smells like artisan by john varvatos and neroli portofino for me. You can use it at most ranges without find yourself with too little or too much on your skin. Just reminds me too much of something my 8 year old neice would love to spray on herself and all of her dolls, not something a grown man would typically want to smell like. How can two sides have such a different opinion on the same fragrance? It’s another in the endless and unimaginative scents that belong to the ‘citrus overload with floral and wood notes base notes’ brigade. About one hour of projection, and another two hours of skin scent, which means nothing considering you wear it for others to smell it. The warm notes are akin to a smoky fireplace and winter spices. Icon was launched in 2015. I've loved this scent from the first sniff. At first I didn't like it, then it grew on me but, not enough. This lasts around 10 mins. Fresh and clean. For instance, Dunhill For Men was released in 1934. The black pepper takes a moment to come up but it does but it is just a soft touch. The petit grain adds flavours that are reminiscent of earl grey tea. Since I had this at the very first year of its release.. because I like neroli scents, I was pleased for the scent itself, but the longevity was a joke.. At the best stayed on me for 2 hours and add a third hour as a skin scent, so the performance wasn't appealing.. That's the positive! Andrew Cooper is the face of the campaign, shot by Annie Leibovitz. It's very modern and can, therefore, be worn by younger guys too, I'd say you don't have to be wearing a tie with this one, but you should at least close your collar. Waiting for bottles of Iso E Super and Ambroxan to layer with some other fragrances; should be interesting …. The oft-used sweet neroli/grape soda description of its opening is well deserved. Icon is a woody aroma I first smelled this fragrance back in 2016; I received samples of various fragrances (including this one) with a purchase from a Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale. The fragrance comes in heavy metal bottle as 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette. Within an hour it's all but gone. – Dunhill ICON Perfume Review. There is nothing new here,I wonder about the hype for this scent, for those that find this So good and masterpiece, try st dupont pour homme and cartier declaration which are so similar. However, they may not be enjoyed as much by those with a sensitivity to ouds. I wish the juicy, fresh and sweet opening would last longer. I have been burned by relatively inexpensive popular fragrances before, and I am a cheapskate who loves high quality, thus usually quite pricey, designer fragrances (and let’s not even talk about the niche market). Dunhill Icon Cologne by Alfred Dunhi... (49.36 GBP), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online 31 items on, Perfume rating The opening does have a little resemblance to Terre D Hermes. It is indeed a “happy fragrance” and not bad at all. UP TO. Also much nicer scent on skin then paper. I got it and when I first smelt it I was like meh. I don’t see myself wearing this. Save your money, get some grape soda and put some in a decant. As for the olfactive family, the overt agarwood (oud) notes set it firmly in the woody umbrella whilst various notes like oak moss, vetiver, lavender and cardamon give it an aromatic (rather than spicy) profile. This would be good for an office, church or a date, very easy to wear and a crowd pleaser. I don't think it's a must have but Im certainly happy to have it in the collection. British fashion house Dunhill, under the new creative director John Ray, is launching a new fragrance for men in early 2015. I've been looking for an appropriate that would be both safe and appealing, after going through a lot of different samples and decants I have finally settled down for Icon edp from Dunhill. Output.txt = textfile. Unique. am I pleased with this fragrance. That was five hours ago and it's still going strong. I came across it for about $40 on eBay! great but it doesn't last long, it is expensive too, if they can change the bottle and lower the price that would be great. Longevity is medium on my skin, and it helped to double spray. Batch 7342, made in usa. I don't get the Terre d"Hermes reference at all. Recent blind-by: first impression = awful. My take on this underrated gem from the designer house of Alfred Dunhill. Very elegant masculine and aromatic without going into territory of hardcore masculine fragrances like azzaro pour homme and likes . For the maturer gentleman (30 yrs +), this is definitely signature scent worthy. You can dress this up or use for casual. @thiagomartini: What an ironic comment. I mean makes sense, people compare both of them to lime candy - skittles or jelly beans. gorgeous opening with citrus and neroli, the drydown is full of woody-spicies notes with that creamy taste...i love it! Bottle is absolutely unique, never see anything quite like that. Definitely unique and decent enough quality but I have no idea how this marketed for men, even for a warm weather cologne. While the official notes include, smokey oud, it's way in the background--this is not an oud fragrance at all!! The ingredients are high quality and the longevity is amazing. Many companies have periodic batch codes that repeat over time, e.g. Happiness in the bottle - it starts with strong blast of citrus which reminds me immensely of 4711 original cologne. On my skin, it lasts the whole working day and more 8+ hours. This for me is bottle worthy. Not Verified. Meanwhile, the black pepper creates a spicy, masculine background. For me it has a dry and airy aspect. I found it very unique but strange scent. Like TF Neroli Portafino...but much cheaper. It's light and sweet. Compliment getter. Icon has an amazing opening and this clean,slightly spicy, herbal, floral, leathery essence. If this doesn't contain real neroli, then they've done an amazing job imitating it. He applied it around 11am, I could still smell it on him that evening. Classy and sophisticated fragrance that garners a lot of compliments. Big fan of this fragrance, now that the weather is getting cold it’s going to come into its own. Been tempted to blind buy this for ages but today I found a rare store in Abu Dhabi that had a tester, so sprayed twice on my forearm. ‘Nuff said! At no point of time in its development is it loud or cheap. Not as potent as Reflection Man, also a bit softer, then I would say it is more soapy and less Floral as Eterno. With an intensely woody quality, it has key notes of sandalwood, vetiver and cardamom. I love wrapping my right mitt around this weighted baby and placing an equally hefty bottle of Herod in my left. Almost the same quality but cheaper. I really like this one. The petigrain, oak moss, and woods really make this a classic fragrance. Even though there isn't much mention of the oud note, I detect a decent amount of it. I was able to get a gift set with 100ml bottle, aftershave lotion, body wash, and a toiletries bag for $39. Results will obviously vary. 0. I don’t get “woody” or pepper… and while not entirely linear I find it to be close. clean and elegant, perfect for a white shirt and jeans outfit. The nose behind this fragrance is Carlos Benaim. So much so that it’s featured as our number 1 men’s fragrance of all time! To me, it smells similar to Bvlgari Man Wood Neroli, but lighter and does not last as long. I love it all the way from the stunning bottle, through first sniff all the way to the drydown. The fragrance relaxes my spirit. now the smell isn't my thing. Check out our other fragrance reviews too and let us know what you think! Dunhill Icon is the absolute best Dunhill has to offer hands down! Icon Elite was launched in 2016. I am finding a small minority who agree with me on the review sites — though some of those really like to smell like grape soda, so are more fond of this than I am. Why do some fragrances seem to last much longer than others? Dunhill Century is an aromatic-woody fragrance for men. I give this a 9.4/10. Then I waited for 24 hrs before it then made a perfect sense to me that this is a winner, did I hit a gold mine? Not a lot of sillage, becomes a skin scent very quickly, and that's okay. Smells like a recently cleaned public restroom. Full bottle worthy! I think petigrain, cardamom, vetiver and juniper wreck it for me. This addition develops an accord with the lavender, which creates a much more floral bouquet. Then... Desitin. By the notes, this looked great: fresh, aromatic, citrus, with wood and vetiver. Done, You have Icon. Hi Ramón, Further, ICON uses two absolute ingredients: neroli and cardamon. It means it has around 35% of essential oil. That's why the neroli is rather synthetic (though not screechy by any means), and at times the composition does smell quite close to grape soda and orange popsicles, especially in the initial and mid phases. In addition, the use of such refined and balanced notes make this a fantastic formal fragrance. Then the pepper and vetiver come in making it very masculine, reminding me of my grandfather (not a bad thing, it just happens that pepper and bergamot were highlighted on his skin when he wore a fragrance). If you want to experience a fragrance that truly evolves during its lifetime, this is it. I love the bottle, very heavy, very elegant. It quickly dries down to a powdery, peppery, dry and slightly cloying scent which I find annoying after a while. For me dominant nots is Vetiver. It is indeed a very relaxing scent. Yes, the dry down reminds me of Hermes Terre de Hermes/Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. The leather accord brought on by the agarwood and labdanum is both romantic and elegant. Relatively no sweetness, aside from what you’d expect from a fresh squeezed lemon. ICON is love at first sight (sorry, first sniff ) for me. Helas. How the initial reviews claimed that performance was anything more than mediocre is amazing to me. I don't believe I have smelled anything quite like it, but it is extremely pleasing. this is just a definition of a mature scent. I wasn’t a fan of Icon Absolute, but this, this I like! It has a good longevity, this is an eau de parfum, not toilette. This further brings out the orris-leather accord created by the agarwood oud resinous aromas. I also get skittles candies? I try not to use this juice just not to finish the flask! I smell grape soda mixed with some herbs. The opening to dry down is absolutely lovely. very nice scent for an incredible price. It's a very lovely fragrance, but I can't quite decide if I care for the dry down. Great fragrance. I don't know why, but those scents are too old for me. A fresh-woody scent for men (rather, unisex) that's been given a nice twist by adding a lot of neroli, and a touch of pepper. Then the dry down was wonderful. Just look at the reviews from Youtube and here on Fragrantica, this kicks Dior Sauvage and Bleu de Chanel for 2nd & 3rd place on my list. Luxurious and refined. 1 year ago. British American Tobacco plc (BAT) is an American British multinational company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products. Iris is faint but there. That one is gone in matter of minutes subsided by beautiful juniper note that makes your heart sing and your face smile. The vetiver and leather stand out during the dry down. It is wonderful. Dunhill's Icon fragrance is sublimely beautiful. It's very masculine (because of the pepper) yet fresh, smooth, classy. Will try again, as I did with Terre D’Hermes; which I have come to like and appreciate. The opening is a blast of Neroli and a lot of pepper and cardamon. Dunhill make some really good scents. It was too peppery and the neroli made this smell like a gramma like scent. What a beautiful smell in the opening too bad it doesnt last long :l also it smells like Terre D'hermes in the dry down, Smells classy to me but longevity is not good on my skin atleast. I really really like this scent. 5/5. I will have to come back to this again and write a final review. Be careful and make sure you do not blind buy. This is interesting and different: smoky fruit, smells purple. There appears to be two camps with this one. Understated and unhyped beast .. Gorgeous Smelling , will surely get you compliments , bottle is very fancy too . Didn’t like this at all ! Example the below perfumes has a batch code of 38r003X . Are all the perfumes Original. No, just sweet berries. Newer formulations seem to include a greater amount of iris notes as detected in 2017. Spring and summer only. Might try again later sometime, but for now I will empty my Notino shopping bag ;). In terms of seasonality, some users consider ICON to be a spring or summer fragrance. is the number one paste tool since 2002. Dunhill ICON is the 19th release by the British brand. A very strong statement from DUNHILL. to my nose is very similar for the 50-60% to terre d'hermes, which is superior for quality and performance but both has in common that orangy-creamy-earthy taste. I don’t think Icon is a bad scent, but rather redundant, since I already own a large bottle of Mugler Cologne. Would buy again. Dunhill Icon is really a nice warm weather fragrance. Explore the dunhill ICON collection of men's fragrances, including gift sets & icon elite. $15 off orders over $85 . I have been using an anti allergy nose spray for 20 years, which affects my olfactory. However, I find that the use of warm aromatics and deep resin makes ICON the definitive fall fragrance. The difference is only that the emphasize here is on nerloi, rather than other citruses in other both scents that I mentioned, but similar vibes in the three. Those who particularly enjoy it find that it is an refined fragrance and often liken it to incense. Later on in the dry-down it's vetiver woody with hints of neroli and citrus, very pleasant. By doing so, one’s nose does not become immune to any particular fragrance.). color 5E. Delicious scent which blends perfectly to my natural skin scent. The basic concept of bright, sweet oranges mixed with spicy, black pepper may not seem like it's all that revolutionary (and it isn't), but the execution of that concept in this recipe is what makes it so irresistable. We can say that this one is unique! On FragranceX, it’s much more affordable at $34. Perfumes: 62789 Longevity and silage are average. Vetiver? This is a refined treatment of agarwood, with bergamot, black pepper, jasmine, saffron, black rose, leather and tobacco leaf notes adding to its appeal. 23+ yo? Like it! Overall made a good impression. Edited.. I don’t get any of those. The dry down on this juice is absolutely exquisite, and it performs like a beast – still going strong after 8 or so hours. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Yes, that diaper rash cream I used on my kids. All sitting on a bed of woods and leather. Originally from England, he now lives in the USA splitting time between NYC & Philly. I use it when I am bored with others in my collection. its done 100% perfect for its purpose i love it,if you like citrus/flower fragrances dont hesitate. It stuck in my senses and my soul like a stubborn lover who can’t take NO for an answer! Overall, this creates a complex contrast with the aromatic notes of sage, juniper and cardamon. The bottle is heavy set, be careful not to drop it on yours or anyone's foot; it may cause some serious injury. Had to return and buy a bottle as the smell got me. @echo. : Alright, it's pretty self explanatory. Great for warmer months and office. Brilliant. One camp swears it smells like Terre d'Hermes, while the other thinks it smells like grape drank. I think it smells more expensive than the pricetag shows and better than some of the more expensive scents i have. The composition is aromatic-woody with an opening of fresh bergamot and neroli absolute. I'll echo damightyheru's claim here that this is one of the best designer releases in years. The man who will wear Icon is a masculine and sophisticated gentleman.". Icon opens up with a citrus burst closely followed by the sweet oily essence of neroli. For example, if I execute this batch code: REG ADD HKCR\testfile\DefaultIcon /ve /d "C:\test.ico,0" /f the icon(s) show like they should in the list in Folder Options, but the icons aren't updated on the desktop or in explorer. I’m happy to say that that I liked it just as much as he did. The neroli and petitgrain are the most prominent notes and they create a white floral, green, with a citrus touch; the next most noticeable note is the bergamot and it blends well with the neroli and petitgrain creating a pleasant and aromatic citrusy opening. The pepper exudes a subtle but distinct masculine vibe, while the rest is a very classy mix of neroli and vetiver.
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