The UAE promotes good health and well-being by making insurance mandatory in the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, so far. The UAE Psychologist. Jared Alden, a psychotherapist at the German Neuroscience Centre in Dubai, said there have been improvements in … A panel of professionals from Dubai Health Authority (DHA), Ministry of Health (MOH), Emirates Psychological Association and other institutes are currently working on regulation guidelines for the practice of psychology (UAE Psychologist, 2012). Retrieved from (PDF, 326KB). The licensure can be obtained with a master level education or even with undergraduate degree and a few years of experience. Apps such as eEtmenan and Health Heroes facilitate in adopting a healthy lifestyle and preventing non-communicable diseases. Several practitioners and academics have voiced their concerns and expressed a dire need for mental health legislation (Alshihabi, 2011; Badawi, 2012; Rizvi & Bell, 2014). Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health, 22(3 suppl), 48S-53S. Currently an independent mental health policy does not exist, but a mental health plan is included in the general health policy (WHO, 2011). The Psychologist, 18(1), 80-83. The population of the UAE is 9.346 million people, with an increase of 2.71 percent annually (Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook, 2014). Díaz-Guerrero, R. (1977). It is the only officially recognized professional association for psychologists in the UAE. Cabinet Resolution No. Mental health disorders are complex and can take many forms. EPA’s mission is to raise awareness of mental health issues in the Emirates and to advocate for the public’s access to mental health services. (2012). & Bell, J., (2014, October 23). Osman, O. T., & Afifi, M. (2010). Springer New York. Scholars in several developing countries around the world like Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, India and others have endorsed the indigenous psychology approach (Diaz-Guerrero, 1977; Enriquez, 1977; Sinha, 1998; Yang, 1997). Retrieved on Feb. 3, 2015, from [In Arabic]. Scholars have expressed their concerns about the compatibility of Western therapeutic models with the UAE’s culture and values (Al-Darmaki & Sayed, 2009). The National. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 27(2), 53-61. The majority of psychologists currently in the UAE have undergone a Western model of training. In 1996 a federal parity amendment was signed into law as part of the VA-HUD appropriations bill. Saberi, M. (2010, December 18). Integration of mental health services into primary care. With a highly experienced and passionate team, Wise Mind Center is in the position to assess and treat issues pertaining to mental health in the UAE. Please enter a valid email address. Mental health is no different. 1(2), 12-13. The importance of such dialogue stems from the urgent need to address mental health policy and services, as mental health issues are predicted to increase with time. The National. Over the last five years, more people are ditching the stigma attached to … Marsella, A. Obesity is a growing health concern with health officials stating that obesity is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United Arab Emirates. The available studies indicate a high prevalence of psychosomatic disorders, depressive disorders and anxiety disorders (Ghubash, Hamdi & Bebbington, 1992; Abou-Saleh, Ghubash & Daradkeh, 2001; Daradkeh, Eapen & Ghubash, 2005) among primary health care attenders. The National Policy on Vaccination in the United Arab Emirates National Policy for Intellectual Property in the Health Field The National Policy for the Promotion of Mental Health in the United Arab Emirates 1(2), 22-23. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 36(1), 20-28. The UAE Psychologist. The expected growth in demand for psychological treatment in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries is 241 percent (Mourshid, Hediger & Lambert, 2006). Mental Health Atlas Country Profiles. Journal for International Counselor Education, 4(1), 1. The authorities have to place and enforce guidelines regulating the practice of psychology, to protect the integrity of the profession and prevent harming clients. American Psychologist, 32(11), 934. Mourshed M., Hediger V., Lambert T.  (2006) Gulf Cooperation Council Health Care: Challenges and Opportunities. Dedicated mental health legislation exists. The UAE Psychologist. It requires a strategy that makes the provision of psychological services a national priority in order for the major educational institutes (e.g. (4) of 2015 on Private Health Facilities Cabinet Resolution No. New figures revealed nearly a third of the population of the Dubai emirate – en estimated 1.3 million people – are in need of mental health help. Indigenizing Westernized Chinese psychology. To address this challenge, an indigenous movement in psychology has been initiated internationally (Bhawk, 2011, Hwang, 2005). World Health Organization (2011). Site listing Mental Health internships in U.S. & abroad, with free CV database. UAE lacking in mental health services. Obesity. In Spirituality and Indian Psychology (pp. Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates. Mental Health job posting site for UAE/Dubai, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Europe, DE, ME / Asia, UK, London, UAE/Dubai, SA, Ireland, India, Canada. Retrieved on Feb. 3, 2015, from Hwang, K. K. (2005). Thanks for letting us know that this page . The practice of providing psychological services such as counseling and psychotherapy remains loosely regulated by the authorities. Data on governmental mental health facilities indicate that there are three outpatient facilities and mental health hospital (WHO, 2011). The United Arab Emirates (UAE), an Arabian peninsula nation formed from seven sheikhdoms, is ranked 21st in world population growth. Providing institutional support (financial and nonfinancial) for researchers will facilitate the development of indigenous therapeutic models. Find your product type on your Healthcare Membership Card and download your Health Policy Documents here. Most of the Emiratis who provide psychological services in schools and in the community mental health agencies have minimal training in applied psychology. Al-Sayed, T. (2010, December 21). The UAE suffers from extreme deficiency in mental health facilities. This is because of the shame that is traditionally associated with mental health illness in Arab culture. 5 Oral & Dental Care: Dubai mental health trends in 2018. It examines the Coronavirus Act 2020 which provides for temporary changes to the detention and treatment of patients under the Mental Health Act 1983, and the potential impact on human rights. قضايا الصحة النفسية من الممكن أن تكون الاضطرابات الصحية النفسية معقدة و يمكن أن تتخذ أشكالاً عديدة. Ghubash, R., Hamdi, E., & Bebbington, P. (1992). Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 1(1), 17-31. (29) of 2020 on the Executive Regulations of Federal Law No. Retrieved on February 3, 2015, from In M. H. Bond, Working at the interface of cultures: Eighteen lives in social science (pp. Haque, A. Mental Health AE Health, Wellness and Fitness Dubai, Dubai 356 followers A shared & accepting space for awareness, acceptance & support for Mental Health in the UAE.⁣ International Journal of Psychology, 21(1-4), 253-267. International handbook of cross-cultural counseling: Cultural assumptions and practices worldwide, 465-474. It is open to both UAE nationals and non-nationals. (2) of 2019 Concerning the Use of Information and Communication Technology in Health Fields Legal provisions concerning mental health are also covered in It is difficult to find a bridge from the UAE’s psychology field into the indigenous movement. Recent reports indicate that there are approximately 33,000 mental patients in the country, and new admissions to public facilities are put on waiting lists that can go up to two months (Abed, 2014). This article discusses various aspects of psychological practice and mental health services in the UAE. Retrieved on February 3, 2015, from [In Arabic]. This is according to new data released by the UAE division of the international telehealth provider, vHealth. Elaf. Emarat AlYoum. The 2011 version represents the latest global picture of resources available for mental health. Even though some milestones have been made in the development of the psychology field in the UAE, it is still in its initial phase. The mental health plan was revised in 2010 with emphasis on broader availability of mental health services in the government facilities across the country. Despite global concerns about the limited applicability of Western psychological principles to developing world populations, the psychology of the "First" and "Second" worlds is still being exported to the majority worlds with little attention to the validity or appropriateness of what is being exported to ethnically diverse populations (Moghaddam & Taylor, 1986; Marsella, 2011). However, the lack of attention to mental health research is a regional phenomenon affecting all of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. The Emirates Psychological Association (EPA) was established in 2003 in Dubai by the Ministry of Social Affairs (Kruse, 2011). Currently an independent mental health policy does not exist, but a mental health plan is included in the general health policy (WHO, 2011). Abou-Saleh, M. T., Ghubash, R., & Daradkeh, T. K. (2001). Central Intelligence Agency. Despite the population boom, there are concerns that mental health services and the general field of psychology have not matched the country’s expansion, with a resulting increase in the level of unmet need (Saberi, 2010; 7Days, 2013; The National, 2014; Al-Sayed, 2010). UAEU, ZU) to collaborate in meeting the shortage of local professionals. Read about mental health in the UAE. Psychology international. We believe passionately in the power of coming together to better the lives of those with mental health challenges. There are 25 beds reserved for psychiatric patients in the general hospitals, and 80 beds available in the specialized mental hospital. Current professionals are overwhelmed with meeting the demands of teaching or practice, which allows little time for research. Retrieved Feb. 18 from (2014, January 25). (2012). Mental Health Matters Day (MHMD) will be held virtually on November 10, 2020, from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time. The UAE Psychologist. The role of psychologists in promoting mental health in the UAE. The only well-established public undergraduate program available is in the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) which admits a very limited number of international students. Experts call for more mental health experts in the UAE. Governing the practice of psychology. International journal of geriatric psychiatry, 19(4), 344-351. Gulf news: Mental illness is on the rise in UAE. The Department of Health Abu Dhabi is pleased to announce the successful completion of the TANSEEQ 2020, residency match process and herewith we are publishing the list of matched Fellows/ Medical Residents/ Dental Residents/ Pharmacy Residents and interns to the various specialties and hospitals across Abu Dhabi. The licensing source (federal versus local) will affect the scope of practice of professionals. The indigenous movement. The rate of mental health professionals per 100,000 is as follows: 0.3 psychiatrists, 0.51 psychologists, 0.25 social workers, 0.04 occupational therapists and 0.04 other health workers. Prevalence and socio-demographic correlates. Advancing psychology to benefit society and improve lives,,,,,,,,, Call for Papers/Proposals/Nominations (4), © 2020 American Psychological Association. DUBAI: While the focus on raising awareness in the UAE on mental health is ever relevant, there is some good news. 2(2), 5. The broad definition incorporates many forms, including depression, anxiety, bipolar, eating disorders and schizophrenia, etc. Changing perspectives in social psychology in India: A journey towards indigenization. Training psychologists in UAE is very challenging. The law, otherwise known as the Mental Health Parity Act of 1996 (Public Law 104-204), prohibits group health plans that offer mental health benefits from imposing more restrictive annual or lifetime limits on spending for mental illness than are imposed on coverage of physical illnesses. The UAE Psychologist. Therefore, there is an ongoing reliance on Western frameworks in providing mental health care and education.
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