by . Had my NUS Global Merit Interview, it is one of the 2 interviews conducted in consideration for the prestigious Global Merit (GM), undergrad (Merit) or the basic undergrad scholarships. NUS Scholars are expected to contribute significantly to the NUS community while in NUS, and emerge as dynamic global leaders who are capable of effecting a positive change to society after they graduate. NUS scholarships for Freshmen (Singapore Citizens) NUS Scholarships. We have a number of merit based scholarships to help you take a step closer to transforming your personal and professional life. Khoo Zi-Yu (Chemical Engineering + Economics + USP, Class of 2018) NUS Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship. Through leadership development, mentorship and community service programmes, our scholarship programme helps students to realise their potential while nurturing the value of giving back to society. Course of Study: No separate scholarship application is required. Ms Cheri Tng Jing Ying, an NUS Business School undergraduate, took up the NUS Global Merit Scholarship as she wanted a scholarship that fitted her personality and interests, and which also could support her endeavours, along with her desire to learn and grow as an individual. in Uncategorized. This special occasion was graced by Guest-of-Honour President Dr Tony TAN Keng Yam, Chancellor of NUS, who is an alumnus of the Faculty of Science. On 17 April 2017, the Faculty of Science launched its Science Merit Scholarship initiative with a dinner attended by some 200 alumni, benefactors, corporate partners, students and staff. ROUND 2 (NUS Global Merit Scholarship interview) My interview was about 15 mins long, and held a few days after my first one. NUS Global Merit Scholarship. The system for these universities and Singapore is a bit different. NUS alumni Ngiam Tong Dow, Ngiam Tong Lan, Ngiam Shih Chun, Ngiam Siew Pei, Ngiam Siew Ching Selina, Goh Suh Fang and Goh Boon Han together with eight other family members – Ngiam Tong Yuen, Ngiam Shih Kwang Kelvin, Ngiam Shih Tung, Ngiam Siew Wei, Ngiam Siew Ying, Ngiam Tong … Close. I have been offered the NTU-CN Yang scholarship but honestly am not interested in research and prefer NUS over NTU for my course. Some of them are applicable to current students, and others to PRs, prospective students etc. NUS Scholars are expected to contribute significantly to the NUS community while in NUS, and emerge as dynamic global leaders who are capable of effecting a positive change to society after they graduate. The four-year, merit-based Yale-NUS Global Leader Scholarship was established by a donor to the College and is awarded to outstanding students upon their admission into Yale-NUS. The most common scholarships are our Engineering Scholars Programme, the NUS Global Merit Scholarship and the NUS Merit Scholarship. Friday, April 11, 2008. Application for NUS Scholarships for the Academic Year. Featured in Scholarship Guide 2016. Posted by 1 year ago. There are two tiers of NUS Scholarships offered to prospective students: NUS Global Merit Scholarship; NUS Merit Scholarship NUS Business School offers many of its own scholarships on top of the NUS-level scholarships.However, each student is only allowed to accept 1 scholarship program during the course of … The NUS Scholarships are highly coveted scholarships awarded to high caliber individuals who demonstrate academic excellence, present excellent co-curricular activities records and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities. Only one scholarship may be awarded to each eligible candidate, with the exception of The NUS … NUS Global Merit Scholarship . There are merit-based and need-based awards which can be combined in a package. NUS scholarship applications are usually between February and March. Eligibility to enrol in the University Scholar’s Programme or … Featured in BrightSparks February 2015. ... National University of Singapore Block S16 Level 9, 6 Science Drive 2 Singapore 117546. NUS Global Merit Scholarship. These scholarships vary in their perks,… Science Merit Scholarships. Scholarships . The NUS Global Merit Scholarship is offered to read an undergraduate course at NUS, and is tenable for the normal candidature period. The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty Law has established a new scholarship through a generous gift from the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). The NUS Scholarships are bond-free scholarships awarded by NUS to Singapore Citizen students who are outstanding both academically and in terms of involvement in co-curricular activities, and have been found suitable for the scholarships based on their performance at the selection interviews.
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